Six Tips on Choosing a Print Server

by Virginia Campbell

Printing documents or images is a crucial element in the daily workflow of most businesses. To ensure that everyone in the office can access the printer, network administrators deploy print servers. The right print server helps manage document processing and print requests efficiently. In this blog, we shall discuss six tips that can help you choose the right print server for your office.

Top Six Factors When Choosing Printer Server


One of the most critical factors to consider when choosing a print server is compatibility. Ensure that the print server you choose is compatible with your current printer. Check if your printer's drivers support the print server you plan on using. Compatibility issues can lead to poor performance and printing delays.

Seed and throughput

Speed and throughput are the other critical parameters to consider. The print server should have a fast processing speed to handle multiple printing requests efficiently. Additionally, it should have a high data transfer rate to avoid bottlenecks that slow down printing. Choose a print server with a minimum data transfer rate of 100 Mbps.

Supported printers

Depending on the printing needs of your office, you need a print server capable of supporting several printers. That way, you can connect multiple printers to the print server and manage them from a central location. You can choose a print server with multiple parallel and USB ports to connect multiple printers.

Ease of setup

Setting up a print server should be simple and straightforward. You do not want to spend many hours setting up your print server. Choose a print server that is easy to configure and manage. For example, Supvan printer server, which is also a bluetooth thermal label printer server, is designed to easy-to-use.  Look for print servers with web-based interfaces for ease of use. These types of print servers are easier to manage and offer more control.


Print servers hold crucial data and can be vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Ensure that the print server you choose has robust security features to protect your network. Look for print servers that support encryption protocols and have a secure web interface.


Cost is always an important factor to consider. Your print server should offer value for your money. Choose a print server that meets your needs but does not break the bank. Compare different models from reputable vendors and choose one that is reasonably priced and offers the features your office needs.


Choosing the right print server is crucial to efficient document processing in your office. Consider the compatibility of the print server, speed, and throughput, supported printers, ease of setup, security, and cost. With these tips in mind, you can find a print server that meets your office printing needs. You can effectively manage printing requests and centralize the management of multiple printers in your office.

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